10 Video Lessons on Personal and Professional Development

Jul 25, 2020 | Entrepreneurship

In current times full of uncertainties, we could either sit and worry or grow! Quit TikTok for now. OD carefully curated 10 development lessons to up the quality of your screen time. Although this page does not advise on dietary and physical exercises, it’s still wise to bookmark it for daily revisits.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph (13:20 min) link
Ryerson University Soccer coach Dr. Ivan Joseph sees confidence as a trainable skill can be made perfect. It’s key to encourage positive self-talk and self-belief muting all the negative voices from the external world. Only with sufficient self-belief, we then could influence others via reinforcing their performance.

The Willpower Instinct | Kelly McGonigal (54:02 min) link
Promoting her bestseller The Willpower Instinct to Google employees, Stanford health psychologist Kelly McGonigal raises their awareness of willpower. From the to-do-list to decision making, our daily activities, big or small, consume us. Sleep, meditation, high fibre low sugar diet and physical exercise are all effective ways of charging our inner batteries. 

Habits are overrated, do this instead | Andrew Kirby (10:23 min) link
You may have read The Willpower Instinct, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Marshmallow Test, The Power of Habit or other productivity books, but you are still combating WFH procrastination. Youtuber Andrew Kirby distches all distractions and narrows down the to-do-list into one thing. For example, focus on writing when you want to be a bestselling author.

Why We Do What We Do | Tony Robbins (23:12 min) link
Everyone has been at a crossroad of not knowing directions. Tony Robbins, life coach of Hollywood and The White House reinvents Maslow’s hierarchy into 6 human needs. He believes motivation/action roots from emotions, which are created via meaning. All it takes is to explore our top needs and if what we do serves the purpose of those needs.

Why you feel what you feel | Alan Watkins (20:18 min) link
Medical physician, neuroscientist and business leader coach Alan Watkins sees higher emotional awareness as the solution to humans’ existential crisis – symptoms include cold feet, blood boil and brain fog, etc. Similar to Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design theories, Dr. Watkins in an earlier TED talk, explained that physiology such as HRV (Heart Rate Variability) disrupts brain function, therefore determines the emotional state. So the trick to navigating life gracefully is to regulate your breath.

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure (9:58 min) link
Language is so powerful that it shifts energies in the room. No detail is too small when it comes to verbal communication. Voice coach Julian Treasure encourages us to speak concisely from the bottom of our heart with authenticity and good intentions, and consciously make the world a better sounding place.

Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology | Robert Sapolsky (57:14 min) link
From Stanford University Professor Robert Sapolsky – imagine a much more talkative Morgan Freeman on about homo sapiens, this lecture is a pixelated gem on Youtube (if you are patient). Curious attendees include but not limited to playwrights and advertisers. Interweaving philosophy, psychology, sociology and behavioural science, this broad mix may as well explain that peculiar thing your boss or your partner did. A key takeaway here is to avoid categorical thinking. 

DICKS: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader? | Max Joseph (34:49 min) link
Often one wonders if management is suitable for introverts. Does it take an iron lady to lead a team? Filmmaker Max Joseph unfolds the mystery by interviewing Oscar directors and producers and this short doc is guaranteed fun to watch. As Adam Grant concluded in the clip: “good leaders are the disagreeable givers”, so spoiler alert, the answer is… kinda yes. 

How to Speed Read | Tim Ferriss (9:36 min) link
Equally entertaining, Max made another doc (37:50) on reading, visiting 14 western bookstores of grandeur. The idea of “945 books only take 30 mins per day” is tempting enough for you to cut down social media. The Howard Berg Speed Reading Method in the doc is best combined with Tim Ferriss’s viral speed read video linked above.

Oh hello, you’re alive | exurb1a (3:46 min) link
Amongst all the doom and gloom of 2020, it’s healthy to occasionally channel your inner frustration and vulnerabilities. At exurb1a’s comments section, fans are often worried about the well being of this philosophy YouTuber while his posts are often explosively informative and humorous. This is a good example showcasing his nihilistic attitude. In case none of the above growth hacks work, there is always this one. 


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Written by Junjie Dou – connect on LinkedIn.

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10 Video Lessons on Personal and Professional Development

In current times full of uncertainties, we could either sit and worry or grow! Quit TikTok for now. OD carefully curated 10 development lessons to up the quality of your screen time. Although this...

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