Pro Bono Project: Growth Hacking a Mental Healthcare Foundation

Mar 29, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Starting in early 2015, Outreach Digital is setting up working groups for a pro bono collaboration with a young and innovative UK-based mental healthcare foundation.

The Organization, backed by a network of Oxford University research alumni, promotes and provides mindfulness-based interventions and courses to people suffering depressive and stress episodes, and especially, but not only, healthcare professionals. They work with patient groups referred to by the NHS and also provide biometrics solutions like cortisol readings.

Mindfulness is considered to be a secular offshoot of several traditional mediation practices and is supported by a solid body of evidence showing it can be an effective treatment in improving people’s health, making them more resilient, happy and compassionate.

The Organization, currently only working in physical groups in the UK, aims at expanding online and to other countries, initially English-speaking, like the US.

Among some of the first objectives we are drafting together are:

  • Optimal and affordable marketing and online presence
  • Online platform to track patient metrics like blood pressure, weight, bpm.
  • Integrating a mobile app (like BuddyApp) with their website
  • Develop or integrate tools to help practitioners


Would you like to help out?

Whether you are an analyst or a web developer, or anyone else working or studying digital, if you would like to support our cause and can spare about 3-4 evenings a month (maybe one weekend afternoon as well), feel free to send us a message with your CV or LinkedIn profile link and a brief motivational writing including which skills you are willing to volunteer, and whether there is anything you might want to learn as part of your contribution.

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