Our Pro Bono Mentoring Reaching Into Local Government

Jun 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Outreach Digital now hosts Free Digital Mentoring sessions for Charities, Professionals and Social Enterprises.

Last month, we launched the new programme and helped 6 charities and social entrepreneurs on their projects in 1-to-1 sessions that covered a broad range of topics including:


  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC & Social Media)
  • Branding
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • PR & Communications Strategy


As one example, we met with Johnny Wilkes from Look Ahead that is part of Tower Hamlets council. As part of their work, they are launching a series of events and workshops called Flourishing Minds that has been developed to help young people in the Tower Hamlets borough get to grips with mental health.


The pilot scheme has been developed to support 120 young people with their own mental health issues, while teaching them how to support others too. From helping to tackle stigma and discrimination, to explaining how to access mental health services in the area, they want to give young people the tools, skills and information they need to become flourishing minds.


Outreach Digital assisted Flourishing Minds by providing advice on how they can raise awareness of the events. We provided consultancy on setting up social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram to share the event schedule, key photos and information. In addition, outlining what marketing collateral they required developing in order to appropriately promote the event such as logos, branding and print assets. We are now in the process of extending our consultancy with them via our pro-bono work.


Alongside Flourishing Minds, we also provided advice to an early stage startup that is launching an AirBNB style service for Tour Guides and a new business that aims to design and develop presentations for large corporates.


If you’re looking for help on your next digital project but are facing challenges, you’re more than welcome to join. Our next event is on Wednesday, June 15th between 2pm to 4pm in Shoreditch, East London.


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