Outreach Digital is an unincorporated association of volunteers in London, including professionals, entrepreneurs and students who work in digital technology and related sectors. Its prime objective is to improve education about work and skills in these highly relevant areas, and to make professional knowledge, training and career development more accessible through “meetups” (events, seminars and workshops) and other activities. The association is entirely volunteer-run and has no formal physical seat.

As per the Charities Act 2011 of the UK, Outreach Digital is a charity according to Section 3 subsections (1)(b) and (f), and is not required to be registered according to Section 30 subsection (d).


All time and resources provided to Outreach Digital are voluntary and uncompensated. Event space, logistics and marketing are typically made available for free by various ad hoc contributors or partner organizations. If there is a need to cover costs, these are shared by the volunteers, guests or partners. Any balance raised will not be held as income, although a liquidity cash of up to £4,000 may be kept as a reserve.

Conditions of Participation

As an unincorporated association, all participants of Outreach Digital, including guests, volunteers, speakers and partners, participate at their own risk and are individually responsible for any damages they may cause. Thus, the association is excluded from any legal liability. To provide some context, the association has operated smoothly and problem-free since its foundation in 2015. The organizers provide their free time to run the association’s events and their promotion, but, being mostly non-permanent contributors, all activity remains relatively informal and low-maintenance, bearing no effect of a proper business.

Data Protection

Where required, the association abides by the European Union’s GDPR. Technically, no personally identifiable data is stored. Communication among community members, partners and volunteers may be stored by third party platforms like Meetup, Slack and Whatsapp. Photos and videos may be taken at the events and published on our website and marketing materials. Common website tags like Google Analytics cookies may be used to monitor website activity, but are not collecting personally identifiable data. Nonetheless, any person may request to opt out, check or remove any data that is specific to that person.


The association is run by a team of volunteers with rotating organizational responsibilities. Its permanent members as of January 2020 are:

  • Christopher Treshan Perera (Founder)
  • Kristina Donauskyte (Board Member)
  • Roxana Hassel (Board Member)
  • Denisa Turkova (Board Member)

Its current active team members can be found on the team page.

For any requests or queries of a legal or administrative nature, please get in touch with the above.


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