Pro Bono Work

Outreach Digital (OD) is first and foremost a pro bono volunteer-run community. In addition to our great digital marketing and technology events, we also collaborate with charities, NGOs and socially oriented organisations on social impact projects to directly support the disadvantaged and various charitable causes.

Professional Advice

Get in touch with us and share your challenge – we will do our best to get you the right advice.

Drop in Sessions

No booking needed – come and meet our experts to get advice in one of our sessions – checkout

Open Workshops

Present your challenge to a diverse group of people to pool ideas and recommendations.



“OD really helped us streamline SEO strategy.”

“It was great to get a wide range of people to build our marketing strategy.”

“Over a course of two sessions, we learnt so much from experts at OD.”


For us at OD this means helping non-profits using our professionals skills in digital marketing and tech.

Inspired by the probono work done by the legal profession, we have decided to bring this tradition to the digital world.

Find out more about our work and how you can get involved, or to enquire about our services, contact us today. 


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